Retro Milkshakes

Banana Raspberry split Chocolate
Strawberry Toasted Marshmallow Bakewell pud
Cool Blueberry Butterscotch Snicker
Double Decker Werther's Bubble gum
Mixed berries Lemon Mango
Apple Caramel Pumpkin
Melon Rose Vanilla

Make your own Milk Shakes...

What do you need?…

Any 1883 syrup bottle, a pump, cold milk, a mixer, a scoop of neutral mix

How do you make it?…

Fill cold milk to the black line of a shmoo cup, add two pumps of any syrup, add a level 15ml scoop for a small cup or a 20ml scoop for a large cup of neutral mix powder, mix on machine and serve into a knickerbocker glass


Why not add frozen fruit? A shot of coffee? Mix the syrups up to make new flavours… Chocolate sprinkles, Marshmallows

The facts…

You quite possibly already have the 1883 syrups, cold milk, the shmoo cups and a mixer machine so all you need is a tub of neutral mix!

No unhealthy hydrogenated fats, no artificial preservatives or GMOs, uses real milk, low fat, suitable for vegetarians.

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