1) weigh out 16g ground coffee for paper filter.

2) Use boiled water to preheat your Chemex and to thoroughly rinse the paper filter.

3) Discard the rinse water. Place the freshly ground coffee into the filter and make a hole in the centre. Place it on your scale and tare it to zero.

4) Slowly pour 32g of water at 95 degrees into the hole and ensure all the ground coffee is saturated.

5) Start the timer at the same time. Wait for 30 seconds as the coffee ‘blooms’.

6) Add water in concentric circles starting from the outside and moving inwards towards the centre. Aim for 105g after 1 minute mark and 180g at 1 minute 30 seconds.

7) After 2 minutes the scale should indicate 250g. Wait until 2 minute and 30 seconds pass and you`re coffee is ready.

8) Remove the filter, swirl the jug and serve.


1) Weigh out about 15g of coarse ground coffee.

2) Place your dripper on a cup or a pouring container and place it on the scale. Pour some water (95 degrees) through the filter in the V60 to wet and rinse it.

3) Discard the rinse water from the cup. Place the freshly ground coffee into the filter. Now tare the scale to zero.

4) Pour enough water to just wet the ground coffee (about 30g) and at the same time start your timer.

5) Wait 30 seconds as the coffee blooms.

6) Slowly add the rest of the water, making sure that:
A) It is not served directly on the filter or too close to the edges of the coffee bed.
B) The level of the mixture does not exceed the mark of the first water extraction into the filter.
C) The mixture does not dry. After another minute and a half of steady pouring, the scale should read 250g, which is the final amount of water you will pour into your coffee

7) Let it drain completely.


1) Fill the Ibrik with lukewarm water up to the point where its neck becomes narrow.

2) Add sugar and stir until it dissolves. Put it on a low heat.

3) Add coffee but do not stir until coffee creates a sticky surface and starts sinking.

4) When the coffee starts to foam, stir to help the coffee sink.

5) Once coffee starts to rise, you dont have to stir again.

6) As soon ad the coffee starts rising, remove the Ibrik from the heat, tap it on the counter to allow foam to settle and put it back on the heat. When the coffee starts rising again and before it covers the whole surface, remove the Ibrik from the heat and serve.


1) Invert Aeropress (so the filter is upside down on the top).

2) Pour boiled water into the Aeropress container. Put a single paper disc in the black plastic cap and press down the plunger to let all the water pass through the filter. This will simultaneously remove any papery taste from the final brew and pre-heat the device.

3) Invert Aeropress again. The plunger should be 1cm away from the bottom.

4) Weigh out 14g of coffee.

5) Place the upside-down device on the scale and tare the scale to zero.

6) Slowly pour 95g of water into the Aeropress (95 degrees). Put the ground coffee, start the timer and stir quickly to ensure all the ground coffee is saturated. Tare the scales to zero.

7) Pour another 95g of water into the container, place the plastic cap with the wet filter back to its place.

8) Within 50 seconds, slowly and carefully flip the Aeropress upright.

9) Slowly push down on the plunger. The extraction process should take about 25 seconds.


1) Place the tea leaves into the bottle.

2) Fill the bottle with the desired amount of water depending on the recipe you have chosen.

3) Mount the removable plastic bottle lid with the filter set inside, onto the bottle.

4) Seal the bottle with the plastic cap and let the tea brew in the refrigerator for 3-6 hours.

5) Serve from the bottle after removing the plastic cap.

6) Enjoy fresh and natural cold tea.


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