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Deice Jack Frost this Winter

Its the time of the year where things are getting cold and frosty, so keep your customers warm and get in some quality supplies for making fantastic hot chocolates, flavoured mochas and exciting seasonal drinks!

Here at Arden we have a large range of different types of chocolate products available, from powders to syrups to sauces; milk, dark, white and caramels flavours, sprinkling flakes for topping drinks, and even fair trade and vegan options available! Powders that can be used with push button machines, to syrups to go into the milk ready to steam with an espresso machine, there’s enough options to fulfil anyone’s chocolate needs!

Don’t miss out this winter and sleep on spicing up your menu with new and exciting chocolate options, get ahead of the chains and give your customers something special this season.

Call us on 01246 252832 or drop us an email today at to enquire about prices on all of these amazing chocolate products, and get started on your winter menu today!

Get Ahead of the Chains this Year

A good way to spice up your chocolate offerings is to start flavouring your drinks not only with chocolate, but with additional flavouring through the use of something like an 1883 syrup, which can really broaden what types of drinks you have available for your customers to choose from. Whether its from simply adding some warm spices syrup shots to a simple plain milk chocolate hot chocolate to create a hot chocolate with a warm kick to it, or by getting more adventurous and try mixing a couple of flavours together in a drink, like adding two shots of cherry flavoured 1883 syrup and one shot of chocolate flavoured 1883 syrup to a mocha to create a black forest gateau flavoured mocha!

There’s no end to the potential combinations that someone could come up with, and with recipe advice available from ourselves or the manufacturers of the syrups even if you are struggling to come up with something yourselves, help is there to make your menu really stand out, so dont wait and get some syrups in today!

See the images below for an example where we have used both white chocolate and dark chocolate Monin sauces, 3 pumps of each, into the bottom of a glass. These sauces will not mix unless stirred, creating a great looking layered effect. Even when an espresso shot and steamed milk have been added to the glass, the chocolate sauces from Monin dont instantly mix with the drink like the chocolate syrups or powder, so you can get really creative with presentation, whilst also changing up how the drink is consumed by the customer. With this example, if the chocolate is not stirred into the drink, there is a sort “chocolate desert” effect created with the sauces at the bottom of the glass that can be eaten with a spoon once the top drink layer is finished.

Also included below is an image of the drink once its been stirred slightly with a spoon, properly mixing the two different chocolate sauces in with the coffee and milk, showing that the sauces can and will mix easily into any drink if you did not want to present it in any special way or if this is how the customer prefers it.

Keep Up with the Times

More and more people these days are changing their diets to exclude a large variety of what we consider every day foods and drinks, and one of the main things current being replaced by a large amount of people is conventional cows milk. Whether its for low fat, low sugar, gluten free or vegan alternatives, more and more people every year are dropping cows milk for a range of alternative options, and because of this its becoming more essential for cafes, tearooms or any establishment that serves drinks to have a range of different milks available to be able to cater for any type of dietary need a customer may have.

We have a chocolate powder here at Arden Coffee, mentioned above in the breakdown of all our chocolate products, which is a vegan chocolate powder mix. The great thing about this product is that it can be an all purpose chocolate mix, meaning you can use it with a vegan milk alternative to create a vegan hot chocolate drink ready for any vegan customers you may have, but you can also use this powder with cows milk to create a non vegan hot chocolate, meaning you would not need to buy in a hot chocolate powder and a vegan hot chocolate powder separately but instead can have this one product in and change the type of drink it makes based off of the milk used. We’ve even been told it tastes better than non vegan chocolate powders, and some of our staff agree!


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