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What if i could advance my knowledge this is sure to guarantee that you raise your coffee skills to a higher level which will lift you away from other outlets on the high street.

Crema too light?

Under extracted espresso has a poor crema that his light in colour, it lacks body,is quick to disappear and his very thin also there will be a watery gush from the machine.

Crema too dark ?

Over extracted espresso has a dark crema will intermittently drip from the spout and will not begin to flow until at least 6 seconds after extraction.

Understanding flow…

Extraction from the group to the cup the perfect espresso will generally begin to flow 4 to 6 seconds after extraction it will flow thin but continuous stream liken to warm honey or look like the tail of a mouse the flow of a perfect espresso should start to go lighter only to wards the end of extraction time after this time acids that destroy the espresso flavours are being released into the espresso. It may be worth noting that a very thick crema can be guaranteed with a higher proportion of robusta beans in the blend. Dry processed beans have more crema than wet processed ones. Arabica blends of washed beans produce the perfect coffee with a thinner top crema. The final ground seen in the dose of coffee (cake) that his left in the handle should look dry and slightly wet this will knockout into the knockout box leaving handle clean.

Espresso sloppy and wet or too dry stuck in handle

This may result from too small a dose or too course a grind or if stuck too large a dose also poor tampering the temperature and pressure of the water, quality and freshness of the beans, storage daily back flushing of machine with cleaner, water filter requires changing, when all these are found to be OK more likely to be the weather that is a problem Finding out is process of elimination of all causes.

Extraction tips

Start with clean basket in handle rinse before drying In order not to burn the beans water must be sent through the cake within a second or two after placing handle in group head, use a warm cup from time to time with a stop watch check time of extraction brush of excess small amounts left on will tear the seal and work there way into the cup.

Extraction time

The extraction time 15 to 25 seconds for a 25/30 millilitres of espresso to find the sweet spot, reduce or increase you will affect the the quality of taste under or over this time his never acceptable.

Extracting step by step

1 Select the correct group handle, single handle 1 shot, double handle 2 shot

2 Pull the doser lever on grinder or if auto press button showing 1 shot, pull twice for 2 shot or press 2 shot button on auto grinder

3 Tamp the ground coffee beans firmly into basket with tamper on grinder or hand tamper

4 Remove excess ground coffee from rim of handle by brushing of with your hand

5 Flush the group head for couple of seconds this will settle the water temperature down makes a difference if you have not made a coffee for over 15 minutes warms handle

6 Assemble group handle lock it tightly into position

7 Place a warm cup under spout use 2 cups if using double handle

8 Immediately turn on the extraction control

9 Turn of extraction control, auto turn off if using a programmed machine

A taste of things to come…

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