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Evoking the stylish 50’s

Retro, the latest innovation from award-winning Fracino, reflects the company’s upbeat developments. A stylish 1 and 2 group lever espresso machine reminiscent of the swinging era of the 1950’s coffee bar.

Manufactured entirely in highly polished stainless steel and constructed using the finest quality components, this ‘step back in time’ machine is in tune with modern safety standards and is extremely user friendly. Available as electric or gas powered – for espresso on the move.

Key Features

  • Large capacity top quality copper boiler, heated by a multiple looped element, or by gas, or both.
  • Pressure controlled by a triple contact pressure switch.
  • Brass-bodied, smooth-action lever group with stainless steel shower plate.
  • Case, waste and cup tray are all made from stainless steel 304.
  • Automatic water level system with a probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve.
  • Easy clean steam tubes.
  • Group Clearance 130mm.

Technical Specifications



Cups Per Hour

Height (mm)

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Weight (kg)

Boiler Capacity

Element Rating



















Fiorenzato Ducale

Not only is this machine visually stunning, it is also built for purpose. The Fiorenzato Ducale espresso machine is designed to offer the user easy access to components in order to minimize maintenance costs.

The Fiorenzato Ducale has a unique design, supply groups on view and is made using strong stainless steel frame to assure a long life span. The Ducale has thermically balanced dispensing groups for proper espresso supply (thanks to its heat exchanger and hot water-heating plant).

The Ducale has an automatic water recharge system to make sure the boiler is kept at the correct level, an internal thermostat, pressure regulator and rotary pump which allows the pressure to be adjusted externally.

The Fiorenzato Ducale is truly a remarkable piece of equipment which is perfect for cafe’s, bars restaurants and hotels

Available in a standard height group or a Tall group to take large latte glasses and mugs – (See pictures)

  • Unique, classic, timeless design
  • 10 years from now this machine will still look good
  • Full stainless steel body and chassis
  • Available as a Compact 1, 2, 3 and 4 group espresso machine
  • Water economiser to help minimise steam loss
  • Proven quality E61 grouphead
  • 2 multi-directional steam wands with ergonomic control knob
  • Easy access to all parts, reducing on-going labour costs
  • Fully electronic, programmable touchpads
  • Consistent, reliable and user-friendly

Fiorenzato Piazza San Marco

The Fiorenzato Piazza San Marco is an espresso machine with undoubted charisma. This is an espresso machine you can visualise resting on a counter in a Neapolitan coffee bar. It has a typical Italian feel and such distinctive style that blend together to create an air of curiosity. As soon as you lay your eyes on this striking piece of equipment you want to see it in action. The Piazza San Marco does not have a fancy electronic control system, an online management device or digital organiser. But then that of course would go against everything traditional Italian espresso making stands for. Named after the iconic symbol of Venice, the Fiorenzato Piazza San Marco combines the original designs of the late 1940’s with materials and expertise from the 21st century, the result is a machine that has great visual impact, lends itself to the theatre of coffee making and produces excellent espresso based drinks.

Time honored design with traditional function ‘Piston Lever’ group heads Creates general interest and adds theater to coffee making

  • Will increase coffee sales
  • Offers added value to consumer
  • You will not believe how good coffee can taste from a lever machine
  • Easy to use, barista has complete control of how espresso is produced
  • Solid, thick gauge stainless steel chassis
  • Exquisite, polished stainless steel ribbed body
  • Internal boiler, pressure regulator, adjustable to set pressure to desired setting
  • Twin gauges exhibit water and steam pressure

The Piazza San Marco is available as a 1, 2, 3 or 4 Group machine and all models have retro styling

Group Boiler capacity Power resistor Voltage Dimensions (cm) Gross Weight
1 4.7L 2700W 230 50 x 55 x 80 51 Kg
2 10.4L 4000W 230 80 x 55 x 80 86 Kg
3 19.4L 4500W 400 100 x 55 x 80 106 Kg
4 29L 6000W 400 125 x 55 x 80 130 Kg


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