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The Chemex Coffeemaker consists of an narrow-waist glass flask and uses proprietary paper filters, made of chemically bonded paper (of thicker-gauge paper than the standard paper filters for a drip-method coffeemaker) which remove most of the coffee oils, and so brew coffee with a taste that is different than the taste of coffee brewed in other coffee-making systems; also, the thicker paper of the Chemex coffee filters might assist in removing cafestol, a cholesterol-elevating compound found in coffee oils.

Coffee is brewed by first placing the paper filter and the ground coffee in the neck of the flask, while heating water to a boil in a separate vessel; then “blooming” (moistening) the ground coffee, by pouring some hot water onto the dry coffee, and finally, by pouring the desired quantity of water (number of cups) over the ground coffee, and awaiting it to percolate down, through the coffee and the paper filter, into the flask.

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