Troubleshooting Your Machine

Below is a grid of common problems and how to troubleshoot them to resolve the issues you are having with your machine.
If your problem is not listed on here, it is because a technician is required to solve the issue, in this scenario please get in touch with one of our engineers and they will sort the problem for you!

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Troubleshooting Causes Solutions
STOP key switched on

* Group Head Is Blocked: In continous delivery, if delivery is not stopped manually using the STOP key within the time limit of 120 seconds.

* Should the turbine operate irregularly, the fault will be singalled by the blinking of the block red LED on the push-button pad of the group involved in the fault.
In this case delivery is not dosed, but if the operator does not intervene manually with the STOP key, blocking occurs when the time limit is reached.

* If the water level control solenoid valve remains open for more than 90 seconds, it is automatically switched off and the fault is siignalled by the block red LED blinking on all the push-button pads.

To restart the machine, the power must be removed for at least 5 seconds.
After this time is over, you can then restore power to the machine.
The group does not deliver water & the pump is noisy.

* The water mains tap or the softener taps are shut.

* The water entry union filter is obstructed.

* Open the taps

* Dismantle and clean

Coffee goes out from the sides of filter-holder

* There are residues of dirt in the seat of the filter holder, which prevent the coffee from passing through the nozzle.

* The seal of the group is worn out.

* The funnels are clogged.

* Clean

* Replace

The coffee is too cold * The Machie is not ready heating up * Wait until the temperature is reached, shown by the warning light going out.
Coffee is not being dispensed or it is being done too slowly

* Supply tap is off

* Water supply low

* Dispensing hole of the filter holder is clogged

* Turn on the tap

* Check the supply line

* Clean the filter holder, using a special detergent and a toothpick.

The machine is not dispensing steam

* Steam exit hole on the dispensing wand clogged.

* The dispensing channels could be clogged by scale

* Clean any deposits on the hole of the dispensing nozzle with a pin.

* Call a Technican to do a scale removal.

The machine is not dispensing hot water.

* Supply tap off

* The dispensing channels could be clogged by scale

* Turn on the tap and check that the pipes are in the correct position.

* Call a Technician to do a scale removal.



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