Barista Training

What is a barista training course? These are courses to understand all the drinks that can be made from your barista machine, and making them to the highest ability and quality possible.
- Coffee – Tea – Chocolate – Iced beverages.

Our in house barista is professionally trained with over 7 years experience. With training provided by the London School Of Coffee you can be assured he can confidently answer any worries or questions you may have, and point you in the right direction.

Our barista training is informal, relaxed and friendly you will not find a rigorous training structure here. You can ask questions and at any time during the course and we can adjust to your requirements as you are moving along, such as if you want to spend longer on one subject than others or need additional recaps.

At Arden Coffee we offer 4 courses, the basic barista course, the advanced barista course, the site manager course or the bespoke course which is ideal if your skills are there, just a little bit rusty!

We can accommodate special requests – Birthdays – Latte art – Bring your own coffee machine.

Basic Barista Course £89 + VAT

  • Basic maintenance
  • Back flushing
  • Steam arms
    Water flow in detail
  • Types of coffee machine
  • Temperature of group / espresso
    Tools for the barista
  • Jug and sizes
  • Knife pen and apron
    Grinder workings
  • Pull vs On demand
  • Types of grind
    Drinks shown
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Flat white
  • Mocha
    Understand and working with milk
  • Date, Batch and type
    What is a bad coffee
  • Temperature
  • Cup
  • Visual
    Making individual requests for customers
  • Hotter and weaker
    Time for yourself to be on the machine alone

Advanced Barista Training £109 + vat

(including basic course topics)

  • Latte art and texturing milk
  • Grinder maintenance and strip down to blades
  • Group seal and shower replacement
  • Maintenance to group head (deep clean)
  • Milk shake making
  • Recipes and ideas

Site Manager Training £109 + vat

We can provide training for your site managers, which will provide your premises with the confidence to tackle any issues on site, from training new members of staff with barista training, to doing basic maintenance to ensure your equipment is running up to performance

Bespoke course £89 + VAT

Firstly our barista for this will interview you on the phone or email to find out what are your requirements from a barista course – e.g Special occasion birthdays or just a simple brush up on skills.

What we aim to do with our bespoke training course is give you a chance to choose your own topics out of our other barista courses. With the possibility to make you 100% confident on any topics you are struggling with, or to give you what you need for your own portfolio.

Any course is guaranteed to improve your skills and give you full steam ahead to making great drinks from your barista machine.


E-mail –

Phone – 01246 252832

These can be made in the day time or evening by appointment only.

Trade and household appointments available

Up to 4 people maximum, any additional please enquire for availability

For training at your place of work please contact for details

Barista Equipment!

Got the skills? If you just need the equipment – Coffee machine, coffee and milk jugs etc. We stock a high quality range of products to help perfect your skills.


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