Holiday Period Equipment Offer - Valid December 1st through to January 31

21 December 2020 by Kia Tromans

For the holiday period, we are offering a special price on some select pieces of equipment, whilst stock lasts or up until the end of January 2021.

New 2 Group Traditional Machine

For £1450.00, we are offering a brand new 2 Group traditional espresso machine. The groups are tall so takeaway cups fit on the machine with ease, and there are two steam arms so two drinks can be made simultaneously. There is three years warranty on this equipment, and installation and training is included in this price. Part exchange options for any existing equipment you may have can be discussed. All of the above at £1450.00+vat could mean a saving of up to £850 considering the type of machine this is. If you are interested but are not quite ready to open up and receive the equipment above, we are offering to hold onto it for you once purchased up until the 1st of April, giving you plenty of time to get things in order.

Lease to purchase options can also be discussed.

Second-hand Equipment Deals

We have a range of second-hand machines in that we are offering at reduced prices whilst stock lasts. If you are interested in any of the equipment mentioned below, please contact us to learn more, either using the contact us inquiry form located on the navigation bar of this website, by calling us on 01246 252832 or by emailing us at

Astoria Espresso Machine

A top brand Astoria traditional Espresso machine for £950.00+vat. The Astoria Plus 4 U takes more than 40 years of Italian coffee knowledge and puts it right at your fingertips.

Watching every shot pulled the Plus 4 U compares the extraction to an ideal coffee and if necessary will suggest corrections allowing you to make the perfect espresso.

XL42 Push Button

An instant coffee machine for £550.00+vat.

Perfect for anyone looking to make drinks quickly and easily with little mess. Capable of having numerous drinks programmed onto its menu, this machine makes being able to serve a range of drinks easy for anyone.

Drinks it can make include – Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, Black coffee
Each drink is made in around 7 seconds
Fully adjustable with strength and fill levels

2 Group Traditional Machine

A 2 group espresso machine is the ideal type of machine for any coffee shop environment. Can make any type of coffee based drink and can also be used to make good quality hot chocolate, can keep up with making a steady flow of drinks with two group heads, which means potentially up to four drinks at once when running off single shots through a double handle. We are offering this option for £650.00+vat whilst stock is available.


A second-hand pull leaver grinder. A must have piece of equipment to go along with any traditional machine to make sure you are providing your customers the best drinks possible. We are offering this for £100.00+vat whilst stock lasts.

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